Coaching is an investment in yourself!


Coaching is growing in popularity as a way to work past issues you may be struggling with, discover your purpose, and live your life to it's fullest and best potential! 

Our coaching program starts with finding out what makes you "tick" and what is important to you. You work through areas where you may feel stuck, unlocking a deeper part of yourself, so you can move forward. Through the process you will discover your passions, dreams, and goals, creating a roadmap for your amazing life. You will have a coach along the journey to help you develop your plan and accountability.

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Sometimes coaching gets confused with counseling, or consulting. However, coaching is quite different!



Coaching is all about moving forward...moving from where you are,

to where you want to be. A coach can help you improve, enhance, or change an area of your life that you want to work on. 

Example: A woman whose children have left home now feels lonely and without purpose. A Coach will help her re-discover who she is, what she wants her next chapter to look like, develop a plan, and be accountable to her dreams + goals.


A consultant with a specific area of expertise gives advice and tells you what to do, rather than finding your own answers within. Sometimes a coach can consult depending on their area of expertise, and only if that is what the client requests.

Example: A Financial Consultant gives financial/investing advice, therefore a coach would not tell you how to invest your money.



Counseling or Psychotherapy deals with healing deep emotional issues, usually arising from the past. Many times this can be attributed to childhood wounds, abuse, or trauma. Others may be experiencing mental illness of various kinds. These issues would require the assistance of a counselor to work on deeper issues. Example:  Someone who is not able to function well in their daily life, they are having difficulty eating or sleeping. They may be depressed or experiencing debilitating anxiety. They would work with a Counselor/Therapist on these issues.



All first time clients receive a complimentary discovery session.


*Each subsequent session is $150/hr


You will receive 4 sessions for $540


You will receive 12 sessions for $1450 (best value!)

Payment plan available.

What’s Included:

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Virtual sessions on Zoom 

  • In person sessions (limited basis)

  • 50 minutes per session

  • Helpful Resources

* Hourly sessions are intended for add-on purposes after completion of a package. For optimal results and lasting change, it is a process that takes time.

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